Flipkart Advertising Services provider

Infinity Advertisement is here to help you fly in the world of online retail with its managed catalogue service for Flipkart, one of the biggest online marketplaces in India. As the leading provider of catalogue service in India we have the expertise, experience and knowledge of how Flipkart works and a deep understanding of what online buyers require of online product sellers.

Flipkart holds the tremendous promise of a huge boost in your business revenues if you join their platform as a seller. Among other things you would need to have a superb, user friendly and appealingly striking e-catalogue on Flipkart. This is where Infinity Advertisement proves to be your friend. We set you off to a running start with superb online Flipkart customized catalogues. Focus on selling while we take care of the presentation and online catalogue management.

What Services We Offer?

No matter whether you are a newbie or a giant, every seller needs communication with Flipkart officials at some or other point in time. We are one-stop for all services and solutions related to Flipkart marketplace – be it setting up a store, running deals on your low-selling items, empowering your top-selling items or negotiating with Flipkart officials regarding your problems, we are always a call away for every task related to Flipkartmarketplace. We offer each & every solution regarding SPN services as well as Flipkart marketplace pain points that will surely kick the growth of your seller account as well as the brand.

Content Writing

We know how to mine the most-searched keywords & integrate the same in Flipkart-approved listing style so your product listing can perform better in front of customers as well as search crawler.

Image Editing

From images SPEAK to images SELL, we're well aware with the image style guidelines for normal and rich product imging type to let your product show the features customers are looking for.

Model Photography

As white background or mannequin can't justify products belonging to jewelry, clothing or cosmetics category, we have in-house model shoot studio to transform the perceived value of your offerings.

Product Photography

We know how Light, Sound, Photoshop & Camera Work. Our professional photographers are well-versed in Product Shoots to enhance your product's portfolio from conversion point of view.

Business Development & Growth

Focus on your core business tasks and leave the rest to us. Our marketplace veterans are always their to work & converse with Flipkart team to get each & every tasks finished quickly.


We know how to list single or thousands of products in just few clicks as per Flipkart's marketplace policy to make your products go LIVE for sale within minutes, whatsoever be the category.

Inventory Management

We have worked with top-brands and handled gignatic inventory-based models so we can offer scalable inventory management solutions that will be specific to your business.

Marketing and Branding

Fine-tune your advertising & marketing campaigns with us to increase sales & lower your ACoS. Leave everything to us and enjoy sale without breaking your business budget.

Order Management

Effective, flexible & cost-effective solutions to manage your orders, shipment creations and label generation so you won't have to deal with day-to-day logistic challanges.

Pricing Insights

Selling product at too HIGH or too LOW price? We assist businesses in setting optimal price that will have a judicial balance of profit even after deducting marketplace fees & other costings.


Get your team to know everything about promotions of your product & brand on Flipkart marketplace. Right from the daily offers to exclusive-day deals, we can push your products in everything.